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Our unparalleled learning methodology revolves around three core pillars that set us apart:

Firstly, our commitment to practical business experience is unmatched. We understand the importance of hands-on learning, and we provide students with real-world exposure through projects, case studies, and industry partnerships. This practical approach ensures that our graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the business world.

Secondly, our emphasis on language competency goes beyond mere fluency. We prioritize cultural awareness, enabling our students to communicate effectively in international settings. Our immersive language programs guarantee linguistic expertise, a valuable skill in today’s globalized marketplace.

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Lastly, our dedication to 360 care demonstrates our genuine concern for the holistic development of our students. We offer a supportive learning environment, personalized guidance, and a diverse community that fosters personal growth and well-being.


By choosing BLC Spain, you are choosing an institution that goes beyond conventional education to provide a dynamic and transformative learning experience. Our three-pillar approach ensures that our students are not just academically prepared but also equipped for personal success in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Meet our Senior Team

Chris Haworth

Managing Director

Rosie Hegarty Sánchez

Operations Director

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