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Terms and Conditions

BLC Spain's students rights

Please read carefully before signing up for a course:

 BLC Spain students have the right to:

  • receive a complete, quality training by our teaching staff
  • receive all the agreed-upon services at the moment of their registration in the school
  • use the school grounds freely, always respecting the furniture and established office hours
  • use the technical resources and materials available in the school
  • use our suggestion, complaint and claim services, if necessary.


1.1. Students who enroll in any course at BLC Spain accept our Terms and Conditions.

1.2. The student acknowledges that all the personal information in the application form is valid and correct.

1.3. The student must inform BLC Spain of any medical condition that may affect his/her class attendance or the work of other students in the group (disabilities, allergies and if your course includes welcome lunch, etc. any specific dietary requirements).

1.4. The student commits to behaving in a respectful and professional manner with their teachers and other students during their stay in BLC Spain. Should that not be the case, the student will be expelled and will not be refunded.

1.5.   Intensive and Semi-Intensive classes have morning and afternoon schedules. BLC Spain reserves the right to place students in the group which most appropriately corresponds to their level. Class schedules may be subject to change.

1.5.1. Students that sign up for an intensive or semi-intensive course must attend at least three days per week of their week course.

1.5.2. Students studying an intensive or semi-intensive course can cancel a maximum two days per week and have those days transferred to use at the end of their pack of classes (subject to availability as to when the extra days can be made up). Any students that cancel more than two days in one week will lose the other days or can choose to pause the whole week.

1.5.3. Timetable preferences should be communicated by the students when booking but cannot be guaranteed. The student acknowledges that their class schedule may be subject to change.

1.6. There are no classes on bank holidays. There will be additional classes or cultural activities during the week to make up for it. Please see the list of bank holidays below.

1.6.1. On the weeks with one bank holiday, the rest of the classes each day will be extended by 50 minutes (intensives) or 25 minutes (semi intensives) to make up for that day.

1.6.2. On the weeks with 2 festive days, we will remain open a minimum of 4 days, and the rest of the classes that week will finish as in 1.6.1.

1.7. BLC Spain reserves the right to change the student’s class if the level to which he or she is assigned isn’t appropriate.

1.8. Course price does not include travel costs, food and drink, or tickets charged by third parties (such as museums, stadiums etc).

1.8.1. All new students must pay an enrollment fee of €40 when studying at our center in Madrid unless explicitly stated before the student starts.

1.9.   The student promises to arrive on time for class and to inform the school in advance if they cannot attend a class.

1.10. All new students to BLC Spain  are required to pay an enrollment fee of €40 without exception.

1.11. Your enrollment fee covers all initial materials for your course, including your first book. Any books that will be paid for by the student and can be bought from reception for €20.

1.12. Intensive course students should arrive at 9.10am to be seated and ready to start at 9.20 on the dot. Students will not be allowed to enter the class after 9.40am.

1.12.1. Semi-Intensive Course Students doing the first part should arrive at 9.10am to be seated and ready to start at 9.20 on the dot. Students will not be allowed to enter the class after 9.40am.

1.12.2. Semi-Intensive Course Students doing the second part should arrive at 11.10am to be seated and ready to start at 11.20 on the dot. Students will not be allowed to enter into the class after 11.40am.

1.13. Our online credits are valid for a period of 12 months (unless otherwise stated). These are automatically deleted once that period passes and cannot be reclaimed. If you should not be able to take your classes within that time, BLC Spain will accept a written request for an extension before your classes expire but it is not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the management. If your credits were added as part of a visa program, you will not be able to take classes that were offered as part of your visa program after the expiration date of your visa.

1.13.1. During busy periods, we reserve the right to remove your bookings through our online portal and manage them manually through our team in Madrid.


2.1. The Enrollment Confirmation Letter can ONLY be issued by the school upon receipt of the upfront payment of the course. (The deposit amount depends on the student’s country of origin. Please contact us for information regarding country of origin deposit requirements).

2.2. Once BLC Spain has received the required upfront payment, the invitation letter (certifying enrollment) will be sent to the student by email and post, if requested. If the student would like to have the Enrollment Confirmation Letter sent by courier (such as DHL), the student must pay for these costs in advance.

2.2.2.  Students who have requested and been issued with Enrollment Confirmation Letters which could be used for a visa or visa renewal (NIE) must ensure that their classes have been taken in full by the end date stated in the Enrollment Confirmation Letter as these classes can not under any circumstances be postponed to future periods or refunded. If you do not take your classes within the period of your Visa, BLC Spain is in no way responsible for refunding or offering these classes at a later date.

2.3. Any students that have been issued with an Enrollment Confirmation letter, which could be used for visa or visa renewal (NIE) purposes and are denied their visa or NIE will be eligible for a refund of all amounts paid, except a 500€ administration charge. The refund will only be made upon presentation of an official rejection letter from the Consulate or Extranjería that clearly states the student’s name, passport number and the type of visa/renewal requested (appropriately dated, signed, and stamped). No refund will be given for courses already started that are included in your visa pack or if there is no official rejection letter presented.

2.3.a. Any classes that have been taken as part of a visa course that is then refunded due to the receipt of a valid visa rejection letter will be charged at the full price rate as per our website pricing list.

2.4. Any students applying for a student visa within Spain should start their course on the dates reflected on their Enrollment letter, even if the visa application is still being processed. Any classes that have not been taken by the end date of the visa letter will be lost. If the student’s visa is denied, on presentation of the official rejection letter, refunds will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. In all cases, the number of classes taken plus the administration fee are non-refundable.

2.5. If you leave Spain indefinitely once your Visa program has started or you have been given an Enrollment Confirmation letter, you will not be eligible for a refund. BLC Spain will deal with each student on a case-by-case basis to see what can be offered as an alternative. If you are unable to take the exact course structure you signed up for as part of your visa course, we reserve the right to charge the full amount as per our website pricing list to convert courses or classes. Any conversion of classes will be based on the total amount of your course, minus a €500 administration fee, minus any classes already taken (which will be charged at the rate listed on the website for the number of weeks or number of classes that have been taken.)

2.6. Any students that sign up to study with BLC Spain through 3rd parties or agencies are not entitled to any changes or conversions in their courses throughout their time with BLC Spain – either with a visa or without.


3.1. The student should report prior to admission, all relevant information that could affect his/her ability to complete the course. Not reporting all relevant information can result in expulsion from the program. BLC Spain is not responsible for the suspension of the course in the case that the student hasn’t reported any and all relevant information.

3.2. If the student is forced to leave the course for undeclared medical reasons, the student will forfeit any right to receive a refund, not for their course nor for their accommodation.

3.3.  If the student arrives and neither the student or his/her agency has paid in for full for the course, accommodation, and other contracted services, BLC Spain reserves the right to cancel the student’s classes.

3.4. If a student is 17 years old or younger, BLC Spain reserves the right to offer classes through our kids’ Spanish school and according to its pricing. Any students under 18 that decide to take an adult course is fully aware that it is an adult course and could include materials that are not suitable for children.

3.5. If there are serious, repeated disciplinary problems, inappropriate behavior, or infraction of Spanish legislation, the student will be expelled from the school and the contracted accommodation with BLC Spain, without the right to any refund.

3.6. All expenses incurred by BLC Spain, which originate due to the aforementioned incidents and caused damage or injury to third parties, will be paid for by the student, who will not have any right to a later refund.


4.1. Cancellation(s) of the course(s) before the student(s)’ arrival will be accepted only if received in writing (via e-mail).  Written evidence of the cancellation is necessary, as cancellations via telephone will not be accepted.

4.1.1.  For cancellations made more than two weeks before arrival (15 days and more), a deposit of 100€ will be forfeited.

4.1.2. For cancellations made in the last two weeks before arrival (14 days and less) the whole upfront payment will be retained.

4.1.3. 75€ will be charged for administrative costs for changes to student’s confirmed reservation, before or after arrival.

4.2. Cancelation(s) and change(s) of the schedule of the class after the beginning of the course will be accepted only if received in writing (via e-mail). Written evidence of the cancellation is necessary, as cancellations via telephone will not be accepted.

4.2.1. 24 hrs notice is required to cancel any of our Spanish courses. If you do not cancel within that time then you will be charged for that course.

4.2.2. Days missed for illness must be supported with Doctor’s note if canceled within the normal 24 hour limit to make-up the missed time.

4.3. In no instance will money paid for a course or accommodation be refunded after the course has started.

4.4. All refunds will be made within 15 days after the request, by bank transfer to the student’s account or the account of whoever paid (payments to another account or person are not valid).

4.5. In the case of cancellation, the full prices for BLC Spain’s courses will be applied.  For example, if by reserving a place on the course, the student has received a discount owing to the course duration, this will be forfeited with the cancellation.

4.6.    If the student receives a student visa through BLC Spain, in the event that the student cancels their course once the visa has been issued, the relevant embassy will be informed and the visa retracted.

4.7.    The classes of the Evening Spanish Course could be recovered if the students inform us by email with at least 24 hours’ notice, otherwise, the student will miss the class without any makeup option.

4.7.1. Students can re-schedule up to two classes per month (when given 24 hours’ notice that those classes will be missed). Groups may be subject to change due to excessive absences.

4.8. The individual classes (Power Hours) could be recovered if the students inform us by email with at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise, the student will miss the class without any makeup option. The student who doesn’t cancel within 24 hours should pay the total amount for the class.

4.9. If you’re enrolled in an intensive or semi-intensive course that is linked to a student visa through BLC Spain, the student is only able to cancel whole weeks of classes and will not be able to save days of courses in case of absences. This must be communicated before Friday of the week before and in writing.

  1. In the exceptional case that there are only 2 students enrolled on a course of a certain level, the number of classes will be reduced to 80% of the published number. If there is only one student, the course will be cancelled or postponed until there are two students or more.


In compliance with Spanish Law 15/1999, December 13, regarding the protection of personal data, BLC Spain would like to inform you that your personal details within these general conditions will be stored in a database (whose liability and responsibility is Totally Toptastic S.L.), solely for the commercial and operative purposes of the company. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you give your consent to the above-said treatment and for their use for the aforementioned purposes. You have the right to request that we inform you of your rights to access, correct and cancel such information within the established terms of the prevailing legislation, by writing to the address: Calle Montesa 35, esc. izquierda, 2 izquierda. 28006, Madrid, España.


6.1. The accommodation will be booked for one day before the student’s course starts to one day after the course ends. If the student wants to come earlier or leave before those designated times, then they should let the school know and an alternative solution may be found.

6.2. If any items break, the student(s) will be charged to replace that/those item(s). If there is no direct person responsible for the damage, the cost of repairs will be equally divided among the students sharing the apartment.

6.3. If a serious disciplinary offense occurs or if a student shows repeated bad behavior, the student will be evicted with no possibility of being refunded.

6.4. If a student decides to postpone or cancel his/her classes, the general accommodation cancellation policy is still valid as per 2.12 of these terms and conditions.

6.5. BLC Spain reserves the right to change their students’ accommodation if necessary.

6.6.   There will be a deposit payment of 150€ for accommodation in shared flats and host families for less than a month´s stay.

6.6.1.     For stays of more than one month, students will be required to pay a 700€ refundable deposit. This deposit must be paid in advance to reserve your room.

6.7 When the accommodation stay comes to an end and BLC Spain has received the keys and has confirmed that there were no damages to the accommodation, the deposit will be reimbursed in the same method of payment in seven to 10 working days after checkout.

6.7.1. Part or all of the deposit will be forfeited if the accommodation is not left clean and tidy, the student caused loud disturbances, and/or if he or she damaged any furniture or installation in the apartment, or there is any failure to pay monies due.

6.8.  If you book accommodation for a period of more than one month, as well as a deposit to book, you will be required to pay the first month’s rent before entering the accommodation. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your booking.

6.9. BLC Spain does not guarantee the ability to offer the type of accommodation that the student applied for in the case of the reservation having been made within one week or less, before the start of the course.

6.10.  If a student is not satisfied with their accommodation, they may submit a request for a change of the assigned accommodation, explaining why they want to be reassigned and what they would like in their future accommodation.  BLC Spain will look into the case, and if necessary, will look for another accommodation with the same characteristics as previously stated in the contract. If the student would like to request an accommodation with different characteristics to that agreed initially, then the student will be charged for the price difference. The student will only be allowed to change accommodation once without incurring extra fees.

6.11.     Unless the student is legally considered a minor in the country of Spain, the host family will not be held liable.

6.12.    In the event of cancellations prior to arrival, any upfront payments will be considered as a non-returnable payment for accommodation (subject to a one month limit). In the event of cancellations after arrival, one month’s notice of accommodation cancellation is required. Following this notice period, all additional accommodation amounts paid will be reimbursed in full.

6.13.   Students arriving between 6pm on Saturdy and 9am on Mondays, on public holidays in Spain and between 9pm and 8.30am on weekdays will be charged a non-refundable fee of €20. 


7.1. Medical insurance:

7.1.1. EU countries are insured by the state accident and illness insurance.  The student should apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their local insurance office before traveling.

7.1.2. Students who are not EU citizens will need to apply for an international health insurance policy that is valid in Spain.

7.1.3.  BLC Spain highly recommends that all students verify that they have appropriate liability insurance that will cover them in case of a presented claim against them. Every student that stays with a host family or shares an apartment is required to have a policy.

7.2.  BLC Spain is insured for accidents and liability which covers possible incidents and minor accidents in the school.

7.3. Personal property:  BLC Spain is not in any way responsible for missing or damaged objects or properties in the school or in its accommodations.


8.1.    In order to reserve a place on a non-visa course, a minimum deposit of 200€ is necessary, or the full price if the total is less than 200€.  The rest of the cost should be paid in full on the first day of the course.  If full payment is not made, BLC Spain can cancel the reserved program and the student will not have the right to a refund.

8.2. For more information concerning payment methods, details on bank commissions and credit card transaction supplements, see point 8 or section “Payment Methods of BLC Spain”.

8.3. Personal checks will not be accepted.

8.4. BLC Spain will not be responsible for printing errors or third-party publication errors concerning BLC Spain.


The course and housing can be paid for by any of the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit card:

Bank Transfer to the following account:

  • Account Name:  Business and Language College Spain S.L.
  • Bank Name: Sabadell S.A.
  • Bank Address: C/ Nuñez de Balboa 20, 28001, Madrid, España
  • BIC (Banking Identification Code) / SWIFT: BSABESBB
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number):  ES75 0081 5077 7900 0142 2952

*The student should put first and last name and “BLC Spain” in the transfer comments section and consider the possible bank commissions.  BLC Spain should receive the complete deposit and is not responsible for the bank commissions.

  • In cash.  Coming in person to the school and paying in cash.


BLC Spain reserves the right to use all possible graphic and audiovisual material taken during the student’s stay at the school (both within the school and at BLC Spain organized activities) in its promotional material (photography, audio records, videos, websites, flyers, social media, etc.), unless the student declares otherwise in writing (email) prior to the start of the course.


Any reservation or payment confirms the acceptance of these terms and conditions.


BLC Spain is not obligated to reimburse money paid or compensations for lost classes due to national or local holidays. BLC Spain does offer students the opportunity to make up classes.  Please consult our webpage or ask for a current list of holidays, remember that these are subject to change.


13.1. Credit notes are only valid for 12 months from the start date.  Once this 12-month period has finished, the student will lose the right to this credit.

13.2. All online class credits are valid for 12 months from the start date. Once this 12-month period has finished, the student will lose the right to use these classes.


14.1. See points 6 & 7 (Cancellations)

14.2. Refunds will only be made or money will only be transferred to the students that have reserved a course (or tutors, or those who paid for the reservation).  No refunds will be given to a third party.


15.1. Student referrals: In order to receive any referral discounts or offers the referred student should indicate the name(s) of the person referring them in the registration form or in the emails with the BLC Spain team. During registration, BLC Spain will automatically apply the discounts or offers applicable. If the following criteria are not met, and therefore the discount cannot be obtained, BLC Spain will not give the discount or offers and will give a revised invoice upon arrival in Madrid. None of these discounts or offers will be applied retrospectively.

15.1.a. If a student (past or present) recommends our evening courses to a friend or family member(This must be a new student and unknown to the school) and they sign up for at least one month of evening courses, the person who recommends said student can take one week of evening course for free (3 hours in total taken in the same week within one month of the friend or family member signing up). The student who signs up will not receive a discount, refund, or transfer for any courses once the week of free classes has been taken.

15.1.b. If a student (past or present) recommends our intensive or semi-intensive courses, the student that signs up will receive a 10% discount on their first week of intensive or semi-intensive classes (not in conjunction with any other discounts). The person referring the student is also entitled to a 10% discount on one week of their Spanish program (not in conjunction with any other discounts) or a week of an Evening course (3 hours in total taken in the same week within one month of the friend or family member signing up) if the course has already been paid fully. The student who signs up will not receive a discount, refund, or transfer for any courses once the week of free classes has been taken, or the discount has been awarded.

15.1.c. There are no referral offers or discounts available for individual courses.

15.2. “Friends and Family” Discount: To have the right to a “friends and family” discount on courses offered at BLC Spain, 2 people must register and attend the same course simultaneously. This discount will be applied to both the referee and referred student and the 10% discount will be applied to the first week of their courses at full price. This is for courses taken from 15 May 2023.

15.3. Promotional offers:  In order to be valid, these should be communicated to BLC Spain at the time of reservation.

15.4. “Friends and Family” and “Recommendation” discounts do not apply to any of our visa courses.

15.5.  Our Blue Monday Promotion 2023 of 5 weeks of Evening Spanish Courses for the price of 4 will be advertised on Monday 16 January 2023. They will be available to purchase from Monday, 16 January until Monday, 31 January. The promotion is only valid for a single purchase, and classes can be carried forward for one calendar year. This is now not available for new applicants.

15.6. Our discount for Au Pairs is applicable for multiple-week courses and based on the price of buying multiple weeks as per our course pricing:


16.1. BLC Spain does not assume any responsibility in cases of force majeure (according to the law) or for student actions.

16.2. The student confirms that in cases of emergency, BLC Spain has permission to be in contact with the listed emergency contact.  The student confirms that these details are correct and that they are current, and promises to notify BLC Spain with any possible change to these details.

16.3. BLC Spain reserves the right to cancel classes if there are not enough students in each class

Public Holidays 2024

  • 1 January (Monday)
  • 6 January (Wednesday)
  • 28 March (Thursday)
  • 29 March (Friday)
  • 1 May (Wednesday)
  • 2 May (Thrusday)
  • 25 June (Tuesday)
  • 15 August (Saturday)
  • 12 October (Thursday)
  • 1 November (Friday)
  • 9 November (Saturday)
  • 6 December (Friday)
  • 25 December (Wednesday)

BLC Spain reminds you that the public holidays are subject to change by BLC Spain and as a consequence of the new Spanish and/or Madrid government regulations.  BLC Spain is not responsible for the changes to the public holidays shown above and reminds everyone that those listed should be considered as a guide.

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