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4 year degree in Spanish and Digital Entrepreneurship

Our University Access Program offers a direct path for international students aiming for higher education in Spain. Over this 14 month program, you’ll dive into intensive Spanish language courses and detailed study preparation for Spain’s university entrance exam.

Along with helping you acquire the language skills and critical test-taking strategies you’ll need to succeed at a Spanish university, we’ll create a personalized study plan for you, and will guide you through the processes of diploma recognition and visa application.

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  • Application Fee (non-refundable) €100
  • First Installment €2800 (€2300 refundable in the unlikely event that your visa is denied)
  • Second Payment €6400 (due one month before the course starts)
  • Tuition Fees – 1-year: €9200

Our 4-year degree in Spanish and Digital Entrepreneurship covers essential business and digital transformation skills, including Lean Start-up Methodology, financial planning, and modern marketing strategies. It also emphasizes Agile methodology in operations, entrepreneurial leadership, and talent management in start-ups, focusing on remote work, freelancing, and creating a positive company culture.

Specialized courses address AI applications in business, sustainability, and ethical decision-making. A 6-week company placement allows students to tackle real-world challenges, culminating in a final project. Additionally, tailored Spanish language courses ensure effective communication in international business contexts.

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Why study our Spanish, Communication & Digital Marketing Degree

The program provides a unique blend of essential business skills and language proficiency tailored for the digital age. You’ll gain expertise in entrepreneurship fundamentals, digital transformation, financial planning, modern marketing strategies, and operations, with a strong emphasis on Agile methodology and the use of SaaS tools. The program also covers leadership and talent management in start-ups, preparing you to manage remote teams and cultivate a positive company culture.

Additionally, specialized courses on AI applications, sustainability, and business ethics ensure you are equipped to handle future trends and make responsible decisions. The 6-week company placement offers hands-on experience, allowing you to apply your knowledge to real-world challenges. Coupled with Spanish language courses tailored to digital entrepreneurs, this program ensures you can communicate effectively in international business environments, making you a versatile and highly sought-after professional.

4 year degree in International Business Management and Spanish

Bilingual business and marketing skills

This 4-year degree in Spanish, Communication & Digital Marketing ensures that you’ll achieve professional proficiency in Spanish by the course’s end, regardless of your starting level.

Applications are now open for fall 2024

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4-year degree in International Business Management and Spanish

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