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4-year degree in Spanish and Digital Marketing & Communication

Our University Access Program offers a direct path for international students aiming for higher education in Spain. Over this 14 month program, you’ll dive into intensive Spanish language courses and detailed study preparation for Spain’s university entrance exam.

Along with helping you acquire the language skills and critical test-taking strategies you’ll need to succeed at a Spanish university, we’ll create a personalized study plan for you, and will guide you through the processes of diploma recognition and visa application.

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  • Application fee €100 (non-refundable)
  • Tuition fee per semester €5200 (8 semesters total, over the 4 year degree)

Our 4-year degree in Spanish and Digital Marketing & Communication equips students with essential linguistic and strategic management skills. It enhances fluency in Spanish, crucial for emerging markets, and covers key aspects of digital marketing including organizational behavior, leadership, and financial literacy.

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of global economic dynamics, legal frameworks, and ethical considerations. Practical experience through internships and a capstone project ensures job readiness. This program fosters innovative thinking and entrepreneurial skills, preparing graduates to excel in diverse and dynamic global markets.

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Why study our Spanish, Digital Marketing & Communication Degree

Our 4-Year Degree in Spanish, Digital Marketing & Communication uniquely combines language proficiency with cutting-edge digital marketing skills, preparing you for a dynamic global career. You’ll achieve fluency in Spanish, opening doors to emerging markets and enhancing your cultural competence. The program covers essential topics like strategic management, financial planning, and ethical marketing practices, ensuring you are well-equipped to lead in diverse and international settings.

It will bring you hands-on experience through internships and real-world projects bridges theory and practice, enhancing your job readiness and professional competence. The comprehensive curriculum, combined with practical applications, ensures you graduate as a well-rounded, highly skilled professional ready to tackle the challenges of the digital marketing world and drive impactful campaigns across global markets.

4 year degree in International Business Management and Spanish

Bilingual business and marketing skills

This 4-year degree in Spanish, Communication & Digital Marketing professional proficiency in Spanish by the course’s end, regardless of your starting level.

Applications are now open for fall 2024

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