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14-month Spanish University Access Program

Our University Access Program offers a direct path for international students aiming for higher education in Spain. Over this 14 month program, you’ll dive into intensive Spanish language courses and detailed study preparation for Spain’s university entrance exam.

Along with helping you acquire the language skills and critical test-taking strategies you’ll need to succeed at a Spanish university, we’ll create a personalized study plan for you, and will guide you through the processes of diploma recognition and visa application.

Why join our University Access Program

The University Access Program is split into two main phases: six months of intensive Spanish classes to build a solid foundation of Spanish, followed by eight months of part-time Spanish classes and dedicated exam preparation for the Spanish university entrance exam. This balanced approach ensures there will be equal emphasis on both language learning and academic readiness, setting students up for success in Spain’s higher education system.

This program is exclusively offered on-campus in the beautiful Barrio Salamanca of Madrid, which provides our students with both an academic and culturally immersive experience. Being physically present at our school not only allows for a deeper engagement with Spanish culture but also presents many opportunities to build a valuable network in Spain from day one of your language studies.

4 year degree in International Business Management and Spanish

Entrance exam prep

In order to qualify for admission to Spanish universities, you’ll be required to pass the Selectividad entrance exam. This crucial test, conducted in Spanish, will assess your academic readiness in essential subjects for university-level study.

With eight months dedicated specifically to Selectividad exam preparation, our course ensures that you thoroughly cover all the necessary content and test-taking strategies for the exam in your field of study. We aim to build your confidence and guarantee you feel well-prepared when exam day arrives.

Applications are now open for spring 2024

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4-year degree in International Business Management and Spanish

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